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Ever thought of living in Thailand? Why not! It’s a great climate, the people are friendly and there are a great number of business opportunities available in the country. There are established bars, restaurants, factories, hotels, spas and even schools available for sale in Bangkok, on the coast and also in the North.

As everywhere, Thailand is not a guarantee for success. Capital is required as is hard work and determination. Bureaucracy is challenging but at least it is always friendly! However the benefits are working in a happy environment and a great climate where your hard work will produce returns.

Thailand has a good investment climate and many businesses are seeing continual growth. Tourism continues to increase providing many opportunities. Thailand also offers excellent International schooling and high quality healthcare in addition to a general high living standard. A small house or apartment in your home country can often be exchanged for a large Condominium or house with private pool. The quality and standard of life is good!

A few words of caution! Both Thais and the Foreigners living in Thailand are charming and smiling. All will have a great deal for you that is ‘guaranteed’ to make money! Don’t just jump in. Take expert advice and make detailed research.

Whilst not business brokers, the management at What’s On In Bangkok have years both International business and living and working in Thailand. We can recommend good lawyers and brokers who we personally know. We will also provide you with professional advice based on our own experience of moving to Thailand.

Whether you are looking for an investment in real estate or for commercial premises we can assist you with impartial advice, backed by experience.

Land for Sale

Some current examples :-

Small Pattaya Hotel US$.200,000

Hair & Nail Salon US$.9,500

Pattaya Restaurant US$.10,000

Beach Front Yoga School US$.300,000

Golf and Travel Agency US$.233,000

Cocktail Bar, Phuket US$.75,000

Hostel & Bar Bangkok US$.27,500 per year(lease)

Beachfront Restaurant and Bar USD.500,000

Large Resorts and Factories available throughout Thailand

Businesses for Sale

Contact the team at What’s On In Bangkok and your dream of living and working in the sun can soon become reality :-