Cunningham, Waddoup & Associates

Bring together

Two highly distinguished careers

More than 75 Years of combined experience


Dozens of measurable achievements worldwide

The entrepreneurial careers of Ian Cunningham and Kim Waddoup have been extensive and successful spanning 4 decades of major achievements around the world.

Ian and Kim have now joined forces to create Cunningham, Waddoup & Associates, a worldwide Consultancy practice providing professional services based on their extensive knowledge and expertise.

Ian Cunningham

– Started first Consultancy in 1989

– Created flight only travel agency 1990

– Co-launched Showhouse magazine

– Co-relaunched Homes Overseas Magazine & Exhibitions

– Co-launched What House? Awards

– Investor in digital start-ups

– Co-owner of UK based media company

– Sales trainer and people mentoring    

– Writer & Copywriter          

– Owns a Thai based business consultancy

– Co-owner of Bangkok First Aid

Kim Waddoup

– First business venture in 1976

– Created Austria’s first boutique travel Company

– Pioneer of Russia’s travel industry

– Founded Moscow’s first International Property Shows in 2003

– Created International Residence

– Editor-in-Chief of Moscow expat Life Magazine

– Initiator and organiser of major Networking & Culinary events

– Social Media specialist

– Marketing and Branding Fanatic

– Has a for start-ups

Dominique Waddoup

The next generation joins the Consultancy specialising in environmental impact awareness. With a Master’s Degree in Biology from one of Austria’s top Universities, Dominique specialises in the environmental issues facing businesses today. Putting the challenges faced by our planet first, Dominique brings the new expertise that is required for future & sustainable development.

Cunningham, Waddoup & Associates

Working on the ’Aspirin’ principal, Cunningham, Waddoup & Associates will look for any ‘symptoms’ in your structure that can be rectified by providing corrective treatments to improve the physical state of your business, administrating corrective measures to improve your performance and balance.

  • ‘Take your business to the next level’ Consultancy
  • Exhibitions concept to fulfilment service
  • Successful Social Media concepts and remedies
  • How Green is my company? Environmental realisation
  • Start-up mentoring with
  • Business Counselling
  • Award ceremonies creation to fruition
  • Training and motivation

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